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Installation time is amazingly brief. In most applications total time investment on your part can be as little at 30 minutes to an hour per distillation column. Expensive and time-consuming advanced control modeling, which can take 1 to 2 years to build and validate, can be avoided. When DistillationMizer™ first opens, an Installation Wizard appears and guides you through answering 25 to 30 questions per distillation tower. After answering these questions an installation button is pressed, which then closes the wizard, customizes all the formulas and displays, and builds all the links to your data historian. You immediately begin receiving recommendations for operational moves to make to approach optimum performance.


  • DistillationMizer™ runs in Microsoft® Excel.
  • It is “Internet-Deliverable” to you.
  • Open the software and enter an access code on the registration page.
  • Answer 25 to 30 fill-in-the-blank questions per tower on the questionnaire page. This software is “self-configuring”, so it uses your answers to build formulas and customize the displays and calculations.
  • Press the install button to link the software to your DCS historian and you’re done.


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