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Installation Time


Q. I am too busy already. How much time am I going to need to dedicate to installing this system on my process?

A. Your total time investment can easily be less than 30 minutes to an hour per distillation column. When DistillationMizer™ is opened for the first time, an Installation Wizard appears to guide the user through the answering of 25 to 30 questions per distillation tower. After these questions have been answered, press a button to automatically establish the links to your data historian. The software customizes all the formulas and displays based on your answers to the questions. The user will immediately receive recommendations for operational moves to approach optimum performance.

Q. What information do you need in order to install this system?

A. Basically, you will need the critical operating limits of nine variables on each distillation column (may be less in some cases). You will also need answers to questions about how the specific column operates, what is the best indication of overhead and base composition, pertinent instrument tags, etc.

Q. Is there a way to quickly (and easily) quantify the results of my investment?

A. Yes. EP Monitoring has developed EnergyWarden™ to be used specifically to track improvements in energy costs. A Cost History page in EnergyWarden™ displays in graphical and tabular format the trends in energy performance over the time period you select. For more information, clink the link to EnergyWarden™ at the top of this page.


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