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Automated Troubleshooting Software for Process Problems


  • This patent-pending technology determines the Most Probable Cause, with items to check second and third
  • 288-cell decision-making matrix identifies “Cause & Effect” relationships
  • Handles complex processes with up to 12 Symptoms and 24 Causes
  • To start, the user selects Symptoms evident in the process
  • Technology performs 108,160 logic tests using programmed intelligence
  • Reports, on screen, a prioritized list of potential Causes to check: 1) Most probable cause(s) with rough % “probability”, 2) List of things to check second, 3) List of things to check third


  • Troubleshoot problems quickly
  • Produces instant-focus action list
  • Leverage process experience
  • Protect plant equipment
  • Decrease process downtime
  • Fast mitigation of down-stream consequences
  • Improve product consistency
  • Support operators & engineers
  • Press button to print Most Probable Cause lists; things to check second and third 
  • Purchase "out-of-the-box" generic products for common equipment
  • Or create your own customized troubleshooting guides


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