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EnergyWarden™ Demo

  • This demo is a Microsoft® Excel workbook and can be downloaded in Office 97-2003 format (6.2 MB) or 2007 & later format (2.5 MB).
  • In Office 2010 and higher, macros are disabled by default and without notice. To run Demo your macros must be enabled. For help, select "Contact Us" (at left or below).
  • Please Save the File Rather Than Opening from Website. It is very important to save the file to your hard disc as opposed to trying to run it from the website, especially with slower connection speeds and/or older versions of Excel. EP Monitoring certifies that this file does not contain viruses or "spyware".
  • If it is not possible for you to download the file, please contact us and we will be happy to send you a copy ("Contact Us" at left or below).
  • Legal Warning: By continuing, the user acknowledges that this software is proprietary in nature and is the property of EP Monitoring, Inc., and that any misuse or theft may constitute a violation of United States Copyright laws.
  • To download the demo file, press the appropriate button for your version of Office:  

                     Excel Version 97-2003                 Excel Version 2007 & Later 


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