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Energy Monitoring Software
For Distillation Towers, Heaters and Boilers


  • Automates energy monitoring for up to 7 towers, heaters and/or boilers
  • Monitors energy consumption benchmarked to historical at comparable feed rates. In addition to comparable feed rates, one other variable can be used (i.e., feed composition, RVP targets, product specs, etc.)
  • Alerts if energy costs exceed historical values at similar feed rates
  • Adjustable date range and filtering; computes total energy used for any period; manual or automated updating - 4 choices
  • Links to your DCS data historian, eliminating the need for tedious manual data entry
  • “Self-Configuring” following your initial entry of 12 to 14 fill-in-the-blank answers


  • At a glance, the Summary Page highlights the plant’s biggest energy cost deviation concerns
  • Provides an energy cost “heads up display” that reads in daily & yearly energy dollars and Btu’s. Provides accumulated change in energy costs reports over sets of days or months
  • Frees engineers/supervisors of data gathering tasks in order to focus on action steps
  • Focuses on plant’s major energy consumers (i.e., distillation towers, heaters, and boilers)
  • “Tees up” energy savings opportunities and inspires sense of urgency regarding energy costs
  • Gives a reading on “feed-rate-compensated” efficiency whereas typical control boards do not


Click the Brochure button below to download a brochure that gives details regarding features and benefits of this software as well as sample screens and pricing information.

If you wish to examine a demonstration file to see the actual appearance and functions of the EnergyWarden™ software, the Demo file can be downloaded by clicking the Demo button below.


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