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Optimization Software for Distillation Towers

APC-Light - The Low Cost Alternative to Advanced Process Control

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2010 AIChE Conference Galveston TX        Abstract of Software Featured at AIChE Conf


A Different Approach


AVOID Complex mathematical models
like multivariable closed loop control

  • Theoretically-based
  • Highly complex
  • Difficult to learn and maintain
  • Prone to obsolescence
  • Time consuming to build and validate
  • Overkill and extremely expensive

SWITCH TO A Rule-Based Approach

  • Empirically-based
  • Eliminates over-complexity
  • Easy to understand and adjust
  • Performs throughout process life cycle
  • Quick to configure and implement
  • Higher returns on investment


·       Automates process monitoring of binary & single sidedraw towers

·       Provides expert advice to board operators (not direct control)

·       "Training Mode" allows operators to train on their specific towers.

·       Links automatically to your DCS data historian 

·       Reduces reflux, reboil, or pressure, until lights in the base and heavies in the overhead approach maximum or tower loading approaches minimum 

·       Unloads tower to approach minimum energy 

·       Customized for your unique requirements

·       Configured & usable within days, not months 


·       Immediate reduction in energy costs

·       Improves yields in many cases

·       Very high returns on investment

·       Improves shift-to-shift consistency and operating excellence

·       Minimizes variation in the process

·       Reduces NOx emissions as fuel usage diminishes 

·       Improves capacity in distillation-limited processes 

·       Leverages limited process engineering resources by automating monitoring

·       Operators learn energy-efficient strategies

·       Process improvements are "locked in" as DistillationMizer™ stands watch over the process.

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